Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Topsy Turvy Hair Style Tutorial

Do you guys remember the Topsy Turvy ponytail! Or ordering the product from tv that was basically just a plastic string haha. Here is a fun side style that looks like a messy braid. To start, pull all of your hair towards one side. Start with a small pony tail on top. 

Using your fingers, from underneath the ponytail, split the hair in two above the rubber band (I used clear elastics), grab the pony tail with your other hand, and push it back and through the space you  have made. Do a couple more of these adding more hair to each ponytail. 

Once you get below your ear, start making a separate section of topsy turvy in the left over section, like I am showing below. 

I usually do two of topsy turvy ponytails in this bottom section. Then using one of the clear elastics combine the two separate sections together. Here you can choose to do a couple more if you hair is longer, or just leave it like this. 

Here is the finished look, let me know if you have any questions! Happy braiding! 

Dress by Kate Spade Saturday. 


  1. I totally remember the topsy tail ponytail and I love how you have incorporated it throughout your hair... such a neat idea! Did you use any special spray? It looks so full. Also, the Kate Spade dress is so pretty and fun! I love her stuff!

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