Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuxedo Nails

Yves Saint Laurent once said that if he were to keep one item of clothes, it would be the TUXEDO. Dress up with a little formal nail flair.

(This was super easy to do, let me know if you would like any tips)


  1. hey Stacy,
    I really love you nails, how did you do it?
    Susie S

  2. Hi Susie! Just start with any dark nail color (this happens to be Lincoln Park After Dark), then using any small brush you can find make two lines with the white polish in the shape of a triangle, fill in. Then do the two white dots that are the buttons. Then using the same dark polish, make the bow. If you don't have a small nail brush, just use any small paint brush you can find, or a lip color brush! Hope this helps.